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Bleach & Tone


The bleach and tone or double process is one of the most challenging services we do, technically. The risk for damage is high.  The accuracy of knowing when to wash is imperative. And the entire outcome can be lost with the wrong formulation of tone. There are many ways to approach any application. In this video I am retouching Teddy’s color, which is overgrown. The challenges here are to avoid a band, achieve proper lift and to not overlap. I’m showing you all my tips for this classic look. 

I’m this video you will learn:

  • How to bleach re-touch 
  • How to approach root that is too long 
  • How not to overlap
  • How to check the color
  • How to tone this look

  • Formulas used:

    Redken flashlift 10vol & 20vol

    Tone (30) 010GI + (15) 09P + (15) 010T

    Bleach & Tone



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