Zoom Classic Golden Blonde

Classic Golden Blonde


 Ornella’s hair is naturally a cool level 7. We're going for a very light, classic golden blonde. To prepare her, we bumped her base to a golden level 8. This will help to minimize the contrast between her natural hair and the highlights. We plan to not root shadow her, keeping the hair light, from root to ends. Our maintenance plan is to base pump, or I also like to call it a quick base, every 4 weeks. And highlight every 8 weeks. This video demonstrates how I like to place the foils to achieve max coverage, avoid stirpes, and not need a root shadow to blend the seams. 

In this video you will learn:

  • Favorite base bump (quick base) product
  • High coverage foil placement
  • Classic blonde results
  • Avoiding a root shadow
  • Maintenance plan for bright blondes

  • Formulas:

    Quick base: Loreal Luo P02 25vol 5 min

    Foil: Redken Flashlift 10-30vol

    “Gloss”: Christoph Robin Golden Blonde Conditioner *just for fun

    Classic Golden Blonde



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