Zoom COLOR : Big changes!

COLOR : Big changes!


Cora gets a makeover going from brown to bright bronde. We keep dimension in the back to look light low lights. And use diagonal placement in the money piece for a wider effect. The top gets high tip outs to create a brighter look.

In this video:

  •  Babylights
  •  Wide money piece 
  •  Create a connection thru layers 
  •  Paint higher tip outs thru top to fill in 
  •  Leave dimension thru ends in back to keep bronde 
  •  Shadow hairline
  •  Back to back foils to make chunky 
  •  Stager foils for tapered effect
  •  Use clean brush to blend 


Foil: Redken Flashlift 20vol - 30vol

Tap: ShadesEQ 7N 

Tone: ShadesEQ 9G = 9AA = CLEAR

COLOR : Big changes!



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