Zoom Color: Chunky Grunge Foiliage

Color: Chunky Grunge Foiliage


Linson wants a high contrast, chunky color. He likes the look of a raw lift. So we will be foiling his hair in a diagonal pattern, lifting him to level 9. No gloss and minimal root shadowing will give us that 90’s grunge balayage look. This is a good lesson for mens color as well has modifying for curly hair. 

In this video you will learn:

  • How to modify for curly hair 
  • Detailed sectioning theory 
  • Painting for high contrast dimension
  • Balayage look without money piece 
  • Chunky placement


Foil: Redken Flashlift 20vol, 25vol, 30vol

Hairline root shadow 07N shadesEQ


    Color: Chunky Grunge Foiliage



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