Zoom Color: Dakota. Blending Blondes

Color: Dakota. Blending Blondes


Dakota had excessive grow out due to quarantine. She had one set of highlights that were too chunky, spaced out, and unevenly distributed. Today’s objective was to fill in her dark shadow of residual regrowth, blend the chunky highlights and brighten around her face. 

Follow along in this video as I show a corrective placement and multi-dimensional root shadowing to create a beautiful blend. 


In this video you will learn:

  • Placement for max lightness 
  • Tipping out to blend chunks
  • Root shadowing with multiple formulas 
  • Formulating for blends

Formulas used:

  • Foil: Redken Flashlift 10vol & 20vol
  • Tap: below the rounds 2 parts 06N 1 part 05NW
  • Tap: above the rounds 2 parts 08N 1 part 08GI
  • All Redken ShadesEQ

Color: Dakota. Blending Blondes



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