Zoom Color: Taylor: Triangle Balayage + Magic Eraser

Color: Taylor: Triangle Balayage + Magic Eraser


Taylor is a previous model (gradient color with hi-lift). Her color is seven months old now. We’re going to start with a fresh set of golden highlights and erase everything in between. The approach to this will be with detailed foils and tip-outs. Using diagonal and horizontal placement, we create triangular pockets of depth throughout the head. When adding back depth we talk about the importance of formulating and application. This is a great technique not only a beautiful beachy balayage, but also for giving a change to your clients. 

In this video you will learn:

  • Reverse balayage 
  • Balayage placement using horizontal and diagonal sections 
  • Low lighting for an ombré effect 
  • A wider money piece 
  • Root melting and toning 

  • Formulas used:

    Foil: Redken flashlift 10vol & 20vol

    Lowlight: L’Oréal Diarichesse 6.3 + 6.31 9vol

    Tap: SEQ 05N = 06G Gel developer 

    Tone: SEQ  (2) 08GG + (1) 09AA 

      Color: Taylor: Triangle Balayage + Magic Eraser



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