Zoom A Thicker Money Piece

A Thicker Money Piece


Parker has a grown out level 6 and is wanting to be a lot brighter around her face. I want to show you a new placement for a money piece that I’ve been doing a lot on my clients in the salon. It’s results are a lot blonder, higher up around the face. It’s still blended by the tap (root shadow) but is high contrast to the back. This is a great look for your brunettes who want to be really bright but still keep dimension. 

In this video you will learn:

  • A balayage placement 
  • A thicker, yet blended, money piece 
  • Thicker pops through the back 
  • A blended toning application 
  • Formulating for multi dimensional taps 

  • Formulas used:

    Foil- Redken Flash Lift 15vol-30vol

    Tap ShadedEQ 07na 06n 

    Hairline Tap 07N

    Tone 3 parts 010n 1 part 09v

    A Thicker Money Piece



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