Zoom CUT : Razor : Long Shag

CUT : Razor : Long Shag


Let’s keep it shaggy. 

Anna wanted to have a cooler haircut without sacrificing all of the length. We decided that a modern shag would be the perfect fit. We added some cheekbone grazing gateway fringe to frame her face and give her some lift. 

In this video you will learn:

  • How to layer only above the round of the head
  • Cutting a perfect long fringe
  • Working with growth patterns 
  • Keeping all the length while completely changing a shape
  • Cutting from very short to very long
  • Controlling your razor for maximum texture
  • What is planing
  • Manipulation of the razor for different results 


  • Comb : Leader
  • Razor : Feather Plier 
  • Clips: YS Park 
  • Blow Drier: Parlux 
  • Brush : Ibiza 
  • Iron : T3 1 1/4”

CUT : Razor : Long Shag



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