Zoom Dry-cutting Weft Extensions

Dry-cutting Weft Extensions


Keely has a fresh set of weft extensions and the key to making them look their best is to create a seamless blend between her hair and the extensions. Keeping in mind that the weft will shift and be reused. The goal is to make the overall hair look full and long. 

In this video you will learn:

  • Creating a blend between weft extensions and natural hair. 
  • Tips & tricks 
  • Where to place the length
  • Why and how to use each tool
  • What to avoid

  • Tools Used:

  • 6” ProFeel sliders
  • 6” ProFeel texturizers
  • 5.5” Kikui
  • Feather guarded razor
  • Clips: YS Park
  • Comb: Leader
  • Dry-cutting Weft Extensions



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