Zoom Makel: Bronde Blends

Makel: Bronde Blends


Makel has tons of hair. She likes to be brunette but with pops. This time of year has her wanting to be rich and golden. We want to have a sandy beach vibe to her hair. This is a great placement for all your bronde babes. We have some fun with styling and product application at the end. 

In this video you will learn:

  • Using space to create a bronde effect
  • Low lighting to tone your backdrop and define ends
  • Tipping out with airtouch 
  • Melted glossing 
  • Detailed spacing in  weave pattern 
  • Making adjustments for dense hair 
  • Curling tips and trick
  • Styling product application 

Formula used:

  • Foil: Redken Flashlift 20vol - 30vol
  • Lowlight: Redken ShadesEQ 07GI
  • Tap: Redken ShadesEQ 06N
  • Tone: Redken ShadesEQ 08GG = 010GI

Tools used 

  • Razor: Steps Hair
  • Comb: Leader
  • Clips: YS Park

      Makel: Bronde Blends



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