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Scissor Essentials


This video is a comprehensive breakdown of our tools of the trade. Specifically the scissor. But we don’t have just one. We have many. I breakdown why I use which scissor and their special traits. Trying to figure out the best way to cut your line? Want to have a stronger understanding of what texturizing techniques to use to achieve the look you envisioned? This video will help with these things as well as a breakdown of many different scissors. 

In this video you will learn:

  • How to pick the best scissor for you

  • How does the size of the scissor play into what cut you are doing. 

  • the difference between each set of scissor 

  • what happens when you cut wet vs dry

  • cutting a line blunt vs pointing slide cutting

  • slide cutting 

  • point cutting

  • removing density 

  • creating texture 

  • different texture scissors and how they work

Tools used:


  • 6” pro feel sliders
  • 5” kikui 
  • 5.5” kikui
  • 6” HB pro One
  • 6” pro feel texture sliders 
  • 6” Utsumi texture 


  • YS park


  • Leader 125

Scissor Essentials



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