Zoom Dry cut: Scissor with long fringe

Dry cut: Scissor with long fringe


Summer came in with long and dense hair. She had some areas that have a slightly different texture as well. This was causing the hair to look longer in spots when she air dries.  I wanted to manage her density and help her get a better air dry. 

In this video you will learn:

  • Dry cutting 
  • Density managment 
  • Sliding
  • Visually balancing your shape
  • How to keep an airy perimeter 
  • Long “ fringe”
  • Fixing weight lines 
  • New tools 

  • Tools used :

  • Scissors 
  •   6” pro feel sliders 
  •   6” pro feel texturizing sliders 
  •   5” Kikui straight blade scissors

  • Comb: Leader 125
  • Clips: YS Park 
  • Brush: pro feel mixed bristle flat brush
  • Iron: T3 micro flatiron
  • Dry cut: Scissor with long fringe



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