Zoom The Ultimate Air Dry Haircut

The Ultimate Air Dry Haircut


Alana has a super cute and heavy fringe that frames her face really well. She hasn’t had her hair colored in months so the top is really dark and her old bleach highlights have gotten really light and ash. In this video we will go over key placement and tips for foiling a fringe. We will also go over refreshing and balancing old highlights. Overall the look is effortless and natural.

In this video you will learn:

  • Placement for a fringe
  • How to ensure balance of color from side to side 
  • Efficient coloring to cut down on toning 
  • Refreshing tone for old highlights 
  • How to style a fringe 

Formulas used:

Foil: L’Oréal Majirel hi-lift .11 double 40vol

Tint between: Redken ShadesEQ 3parts 09G 1part 08GG

The Ultimate Air Dry Haircut



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